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BloomChic is a digital-first fashion and lifestyle destination for modern women sizes 10-30.
True to our slogan: "Live with Ease, Dress with Joy," we exist to enable mid- and plus-size women to easily find clothes that fit her and are a fit for her life. We offer affordable, stylish, and comfortable clothes thoughtfully made for her curves: dressed in BloomChic, she feels beautiful, joyful, empowered, and self-expressed. 

Blog PostsBloomChic Size Expansion: The Journey to Size 30

With decades of global fashion industry experience, two Los Angeles-based fit events, hundreds of prototypes, thousands of designs, and tens of thousands of hours later, we were able to release our first batch of styles in sizes over a 22 on June 1, 2022. The journey is far from complete. We won't rest until 100% of styles on this site are offered in the full 10-30 size range, a promise reflected in our new tagline.


This is an idea I had for the RETREAT. One of the things we could do is a #BloomChallenge where we're all in a room with a ton of Bloomchic clothes (accessory, shoes, hat/gloves, top, bottom, outerwear) and have to make a fun 'look' out of the items!

December 29, 2022

BloomChic Fit Lab

Fit: It's an aspect you care about most, yet can be the hardest for brands to get right. At BloomChic, this is a challenge we embrace: we're determined to get as close as we possibly can, and to keep making updates as we gather feedback from customers like you.

June 1, 2022

The Definitive Holiday Party Dress List

It’s official: Holiday season is in full swing. With Christmas only a few days away and New Year’s Eve coming up right behind it, it’s definitely a good time to think about your holiday party outfit.

December 17, 2021

The BloomChic Holiday Gift Guide

It’s beginning to look a lot buying season! With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to give serious thought to what to buy as presents for the loved ones on your list. 

December 09, 2021

How To Win Winter: Your 5 Must-Have Pieces

Fiiiiive golden...outfits! With winter officially starting on December 21 (yes, we know it’s unofficially begun already, but we like being official), it’s time to make sure you have your gorgeous winter wardrobe ready. 

December 02, 2021

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L Catterton is seeing more opportunity in the plus-size market. The investment giant, which bills itself as the world’s largest und focused on the consumer sector, has taken a stake in BloomChic...

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This may be exciting news for many in the plus-size space who feel they’ve been left behind by the recent growth in the 1X through 3X market offering.

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A wrap dress will never go out of style. This classic LBD is going to become a staple in her closet she'll reach for time and time again.

Pixel 2

The fashion world could not be happier that fall has officially arrived.

Pixel 2

What’s more, she said it’s the ideal dress to opt for when you’re a guest at a wedding and can be worn time and time again without going out of fashion.

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Tatianna Barry, the social media coordinator at BloomChic, an emerging international plus-size clothing brand, says these TikTok videos can be beneficial, if (and that’s a big if) fashion brands choose to listen.

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Whether you're planning your next escape from chilly temperature or you're starting to shop for new summer looks (it might seem early, but now is the best time!), stylish plus-sized resort wear can be difficult to come by.

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As the push for size diversity in fashion intensifies, few brands and designers have nailed down what exactly constitutes authentic inclusivity. 

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