The Journey to Size 30

BloomChic is a digital-first fashion and lifestyle destination for the modern plus size woman. We offer affordable, stylish clothes thoughtfully Made for Your Curves. With every new design, every fresh collection, and every story we tell, we strive to center Her. She is our muse, and we exist to uplift her, empower her, and amplify her voice.

We are listening...

How we make it happen?

How we make it happen?

With decades of global fashion industry experience, our founding team knew that larger sizes were underserved and often directly ignored, and we dreamed of reimagining the space: creating a fashion-forward, community-centered shopping destination that always put the customer first. And then in late 2021, our community told us that you'd like to see sizes over 22.
That's why we're bringing you the most on-trend and stylish clothing in sizes 12-22 (with an expansion to size 30 by June 2022), and we're reimagining this space and creating a fashion-forward, community-centered shopping destination that always puts YOU first. 

Our Values


Fashion should be accessible. For mid- and plus-size women, this first and foremost means that she should be able to find clothes that fit her, and that allow her to feel stylish, beautiful, and self-expressed.
Accessibility also encompasses price: we've chosen to make and sell items at an affordable price point. You shouldn't have to pay a fortune to dress for your everyday life.
Finally, we believe in ensuring ease of purchase, which is why we operate as an online-only store. With the exception of a select few partnerships, you can find the vast majority of our products exclusively on digital shelves -- viewable worldwide, and shipping to more countries every day. 


Too often these days, diversity is a buzzword and nothing more; we're well aware of the pitfalls of openly stating that this is a value we hold dear. But what we can say is that as a plus-only brand, we knew from the get-go that diversity would be inherent to everything we do -- it has to be, if we truly believe that women of all sizes should feel seen and served by fashion.
And we do. As much as we can, we invest in showing our products on real women, in real bodies within our 10-30 size range. We also recognize that diversity is about so much more than just size and skin tone: it's sexuality, race, ethnicity, disability, culture, and more. As brands, when we say we care, we open ourselves up to being seen as performative and critiqued as disingenuous -- that's all to say, we may never quite get it exactly right.
But that doesn't mean we'll stop trying. Our customers are diverse, and she deserves to see herself fully represented in our clothes. 


Our products are Made for Your Curves, and not the other way around. With every new design, every piece manufactured, every story we tell, we strive to center Her. She is our muse and the main character, and all of our clothes and stories should empower her to show up in the world as more fully herself, with an unshakeable sense of worth and agency.
As a plus brand, we further know that we must take care to always center the plus community: by listening to, uplifting, and learning from its members in both digital and offline spaces. Indeed, working with our community is the best way to ensure that as our muse evolves, we do too. With every decision, our goal should be to amplify her voice and enable her to #BloomBoldly.