Hate Figuring Out What To Wear Every Day?

You Need A Capsule Wardrobe

What's a capsule wardrobe? It's quite possibly the simplest way to organize how you get dressed every day. It's almost like having a uniform, but a lot cooler. Basically, it's a set number of clothes and accessories that you can alternate on a daily basis. It saves time and money, and keeps your closet tidy. Perhaps most importantly, it'll take all the guesswork and frustration out of figuring out what to wear every day. There are four steps to building one:


Select A Base Color

Your base color can be a classic like black or navy, or a neutral like brown or taupe. It's basically the color that will be the main part of your outfit. It's usually a darker hue because those shades go with everything. Your dresses, bottoms, matching sets will typically be in your base color.


Select Coordinating Basics

These will be mostly tops, like comfy tees and tanks, cardigans and sweaters, jackets and coats, that can be paired with your bottoms in a base color. These are also typically in neutral shades like heather gray, beige, off-white, camel, brown, etc. In the morning, as you're getting ready, you might, for example, choose a pair of black slacks as your base and top it off with an off-white blouse or sweater.


Pick An Accent Color

This step is optional, but can be fun to play around with. Your accent color can be any bright hue and any accessory, like a pair of heels, a handbag, hat, or scarf. It will bring a sense of whimsy and vibrancy to an otherwise understated outfit.


Select Your Accessories

You can have so much fun with your accessories once you have your main outfit figured out. Let's say your base is a black ribbed midi dress and your coordinating basic is a camel-toned cropped faux leather jacket. Now you can add your accessories like a pair of snakeskin booties or a shoulder bag that matches your jacket. This is where your personal style can really shine, so go wild.