BloomChic Size Expansion:

Our Muses Lead The Way

On November 6, 2021, we had BloomChic’s very first fit model event at a gorgeous studio space in Pasadena, CA.
BloomChic customers came by to literally be our muses and it all went off without a hitch!

We had lovely, chill music, a table of snacks, and a roomful of women trying on the latest clothing from BloomChic’s upcoming size expansion. The best, and most important, part was listening to these women give their thoughts on the clothes. BloomChic’s resident designer, Hilda, took measurements, made notes, asked all the relevant questions, and ensured the women felt at ease.

It was a half day event that gave us so much valuable information and feedback as the whole team works diligently to expand all the way up to a size 30 by January 2022. Some key takeaways included feedback about shoulder placements being too wide and a desire for dresses with more room between the bust and waist.

The event was all about community, first and foremost. It was invaluable to meet our customers in real life, listen to them, and take all of their feedback into consideration. They are the ones we are doing this for and their voices matter above all.

The plus size community has fought for years to carve a space for itself in the fashion world. They deserve as many options for clothing as straight size people have enjoyed for decades. And they don’t need to justify that in any way. Brands need to step up and give this community what it deserves -- gorgeous, trendy clothing that fits right, looks good, and makes the wearer feel good.

At BloomChic, we’re so excited to be fulfilling this need and solving this problem. This first fit event was only the beginning and we plan on having many more in the future. The community comes first, always, and we will never forget that.