It's our birthday! Today, we turn two. 🎉

Two years ago, in the midst of the pandemic, we dreamed of creating a fashion-forward, community-centered shopping destination for women sizes 10-30.

Within the past two years, we're so proud to have helped dress millions of customers globally, and to be one of the world's fastest growing fashion brands.

There's still so much to do— and we’d love to continue doing it with you. Women of all sizes deserve to feel seen and uplifted by fashion, and our mission is to fulfill this need.

Thank you for supporting us, shopping us, sharing your stories, sending in your feedback, and seeing us through to the end: to an inclusive, empowered, and fashionable future for all women.

With Joy,
Team BloomChic

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“John Otto, so honored to be your godmother!”


“Happy Baby Shower Kate! I am so excited to meet Little Rowan and be Auntie Emma!
I'm so thankful that your my best friend and I can't wait to be by your side through this part in your life!”


“Loved showering this beautiful mama-to-be today!! Baby Stone is already so loved, i cannot wait to meet him or her!”


“Congratulations on your anniversary! 🥳 I love your clothing and I am so happy that this company extended their sizes to accommodate many more body types. 👏😍 I have so many BloomChic dresses in my closet and everytime I wear one out,
I get so many compliments. And the fact that they were reasonably priced made it even better.
It's nice to see this company growing and I wish you all the best in the future. ❤️💐”

“Congratulations on the anniversary! I always get compliments when I wear your clothing and it really helps me
feel beautiful and confident with myself! Thank you for giving so many the confidence to feel beautiful!”

“Congrats! I love your dresses so much! ❤️👗”