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Welcome, beautiful. Whether you know and love us, or are new to BloomChic:
We're so glad you're here.
It's been almost three years since we started BloomChic in 2021. Ringing in the new year, today marks the launch of our brand upgrade. Check out the changes in this brief 1-minute video:

You might wonder, why make these changes now?
It's worth noting that we are fundamentally the same. We're still focused on creating clothing for women sizes 10-30: with comfort, style, affordability, and selection at the forefront. In the ways that we are different, it's because we decided it was time for us to take a good look at who we are and how we interact with you, our customer. Do the feelings, designs, values that you experience in engaging with us match up with what our real intentions, values, and priorities are? And in fact - what are they?

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A Re-Imagining- BloomChic's New Era  拷贝.jpg__PID:a2338b68-5e75-4458-9910-81a071d0ff32


When bloomchic.com first launched, we didn't intend to build a DTC fashion brand, in the traditional sense. Though laughable now, our founding team even debated the meaning of the word "brand" amongst ourselves. We came from extensive backgrounds in retail, fashion design, product development, and apparel manufacturing -- predominantly in China.
That was 2021. Today, "A Re-Imagining" reflects our confidence and voice. It's both an update and an upgrade. In the weeks that follow, we plan to share more about our story, and why it matters, in a follow-up post.
Today, we'd love to walk you through what's changed.

In Essence

Central to our re-imagining was a revision of our slogan, vision, values, and mission. You can read more about each of these on our About Us page:
All subsequent changes are rooted in these foundational elements. Our goal is for our revised vision, values, and mission to resonate through our aesthetics, customer interactions, and of course, our products.

In Digital Spaces

After clarifying our values, it was time to infuse them into our visual identity.
You've likely already noticed many aspects of our update, but to elaborate: we've reimagined everything from our logo to the look and feel of our website and app. We've made sure that you can experience our refreshed branding on any device, from anywhere.

Dive in the new BloomChic by visiting our updated app and website:
App: Android | iPhone https://bloomchic.onelink.me/UVJg/6c47a9pn
Website: : https://bloomchic.com

You'll first meet our new color palette and smoother design lines, reflecting warmth, comfort, and a nod to our diverse, inclusive spirit. Beyond this, we've also created new on-site and in-app icons, and enhanced other behind-the-scenes elements to ensure you can enjoy a seamless experience as you shop.

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Finally, in the digital world we've re-launched our blog, now aptly titled 'The Concept ' which you're currently exploring. Our vision for this space is threefold: to present a beautifully curated, shoppable look book; to share the inspiration and intention behind each of our collections; and to dialogue with you around the values we stand for.

In Physical Spaces: Our Product Packaging

We've refreshed our packaging, from clothing tags to shipping bags, to align with our values and essence. Our interior clothing bags are created from 100% recycled materials. We invite you to join us in our sustainability efforts by recycling these bags again.

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Into the Future: An Invitation

As we journey into the future, your insights remain vital to our journey and mission to empower. We're commited to continually evolving and improving.

We invite you to join us in creating a more inclusive future. Our inboxes and DMs are always open for your feedback. For updates about this brand upgrade in particular, drop a note  to community@bloomchic.comWe read every message.