BloomChic Invitation🥰


Hi, girls!

Currently, we are looking for ways to grow our business to Influencer cooperation, which leads us to you, a social media influencer with excellent images and a healthy fans structure fitting our requirements very well.

We wonder if you are interested in cooperating with us. Perhaps we could reach a mutual consensus on this matter.

You will reward:
1. A piece of our clothing for free.
2. Our follow and recommendation.

Here are our requirements:
1. Possess 1000 + followers on your Instagram or Other social media channels.
2. Post a photo wearing our clothing on your Instagram.

As you can see our requirements are simple but the reward is highly cost-effective! So join us if you are interested!

What to do next if you want in:
1. Click the button below to choose ONE of your favorite clothing (for free)
2. Complete the form and fill in your shipping address here.
3. Wait for the fast shipment.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us.